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Who is OneGroup?

OneGroup offers business and personal insurance, risk management, employee benefits and HR consulting. Our agency takes a team approach, composed of diverse experience and backgrounds, to holistically help our clients achieve their goals. By seeking companies whose areas of expertise are compatible with our own and hiring customer-focused experts and specialists, we can provide our clients with the people and technological resources necessary to help them succeed, all while developing a strategic plan to move them forward.

The bioscience, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries face unique challenges every day.

While you push the edges of biotech, genetic coding, and pharmaceutical innovation, we can help you reduce exposure and protect your laboratories, equipment, and inventory – as well as your intellectual property.

This is one critical reason why OneGroup does not issue generic, off-the-shelf insurance policies. Life sciences encompass many fields, from biotechnology to epidemiology to medical device production, and as different as each branch may be, there are some commonalities – and many complexities – that must be considered when creating an insurance policy.

OneGroup works with you and your team to understand the unique requirements of each lab, research center, and manufacturing facility.

We consider ourselves to be part of your advisory team – just as your legal and financial advisors are. We collaborate to ensure that we can effectively customize the policy language to account for any potential exposure, including property loss or damage, loss of intellectual property, potential cyber-breaches, and even product recalls. We are experienced and proven risk managers with the ability to anticipate potential issues. By working together, and combining our experience and knowledge with yours, we can provide customized policies to shield you against today’s risks. 


Our Life Sciences Team

Our team would be more than happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. To talk to a member of the team, contact us here

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Tig Gregory
Life Science Risk Expert & Regional Director
New England

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Andrew Gregory
Life Science Risk Expert & Regional President
New England


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Rina Corigliano-Hart
Director of Client Engagement and Outreach

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Gracie Lee
Marketing & Communications Specialist