Why 3D Printing is a Real Game Changer in Modern Medicine

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Source: MDT

No one wants to live fast and die young anymore. It is, of course, the all-consuming desire to reverse the process of aging and extend the maximum lifespan.

Some of the measures that were taken to shift the grand plan into gear are well known to us – skin care, vitamins, anti-aging products, supplements and herbs, physical fitness and nutrition. The number of people making conscious life changing-decisions, such as quitting meat and cigarettes, hitting gym at least three times a week or loyally taking essential vitamins is soaring daily.

The other, technology-inspired discoveries that have a substantial effect on improving and significantly extending human life are just starting to enter the realm of everyday discussions.

One of the most exciting scientific developments in medicine is 3D printing, or more precisely bioprinting, and the long-awaited possibilities of growing human tissue and organs.

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