Trump or Clinton? Doesn't Matter, If You're Pfizer

Friday, June 10, 2016

Source: FiercePharma

Which presidential candidate will best serve Big Pharma’s interests? Pfizer chief Ian Read has thought about it--and he honestly can’t figure it out.

Read can’t “at this moment distinguish between the policies that Donald Trump may support or those that Hillary Clinton may support,” he said at last week’s Sanford Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, as quoted by The Intercept.

Fair point, the publication notes. Both Trump and Clinton have endorsed the idea of allowing Medicare to negotiate for cheaper drug prices--one that drugmakers don’t much like. But both presidential hopefuls have also backed efforts the healthcare industry supports; Clinton, for one, put her weight behind legislation that extended the data exclusivity period for biologics, making it harder for copycats to bring their products to market.

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