Today's Topline - 7/6/20

Monday, July 6, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Good Monday morning:

In a comprehensive study published in this morning’s New York Times, we see in stark terms the racial disparities found in infection and death rates for COVID-19.  Latino and African-Americans are more than three times as likely to become infected as white Americans and more than twice as likely to die from the disease.  These disparities are present across the nation, across socio-economic status, and in urban, suburban and rural areas.  The national figures for infections and deaths from the virus understate the disparity to a certain extent, since the virus is far more prevalent among older Americans, who are disproportionately white compared with younger Americans. When comparing infections and deaths just within groups who are around the same ages, the disparities are even more extreme.  While less extreme, infection and death rates for Asian and Native American populations also exceed that of white populations.

This Thursday, we’ll be joined by Randy Wolken, CEO of MACNY, to discuss how we infuse our workplaces with the flexibility necessary to respond to catastrophic changes like the coronavirus pandemic and how we can build resilience and disaster planning into our manufacturing operations.  We hope you’ll join us for the next installment in our series, Propelling New York Forward.

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