Today's Topline - 7/20/20

Monday, July 20, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Alas, it’s April all over again.

Coronavirus infections are increasing – at record setting rates – in most US states.  After a bit of a lag, death rates are also rising.  Some states are now perilously close to overwhelming their hospital capacities and the nation’s largest school districts are announcing plans to significantly curtail in-person educational programs this fall.  Unless and until the federal government intervenes, we must face the reality that we’re on our own. 

To that end, we at MedTech are pleased to present two upcoming programs aimed at helping your organization move forward in these challenging times.

This Thursday, we’re joined by Jim Clemmer, CEO of AngioDynamics, to discuss his company’s efforts to create a functional manufacturing operation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you’ll join us for the next installment in our series, Propelling New York Forward.

Beginning tomorrow, we launchAchieving Speed and Scalability in Life Sciences Manufacturing, a free, ten-part series covering the quality processes and regulatory steps required for success in life sciences manufacturing.  This comprehensive program, available both streaming and taped, may also qualify for valuable continuing education and/or certification credits.  Don’t miss it.

We rely on our members to make our work possible.  We hope you’ll take a moment to join or renew your membership today.  Renewing members can lock in last year’s rate through 2021.  New members who join today will receive 2 free months on their membership year.  Don’t wait – we need your support to continue the work we do.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific questions and concerns. Regular updates can be found at our website, which is refreshed daily.

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