Today's Topline - 6/29/20

Monday, June 29, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Good Monday morning:

This morning’s news is clear:  the US response to COVID-19 is failing to arrest the disease’s spread.  Despite largely successful efforts in places like New York State to drive down the rate of new infections, coronavirus cases are growing at an alarming rate across large swaths of the country, with especially dangerous spikes in the high-population states of Florida, Texas and Arizona.  The choice by the Trump administration to cede all coronavirus related decision making to the states has left us with no uniform response to a nation-wide problem.  While our Constitution extends a level of sovereignty to the states, the federal government must provide leadership and coordination if we’re going to defeat the pandemic.  Waiting for a vaccine is not enough.

We at MedTech are proud to sponsor two quality-in-manufacturing training programs this Summer.  Achieving Speed and Scalability in Life Sciences Manufacturing is a ten-part program (divided into four sessions) that will teach the quality processes and regulatory steps required for success in life sciences manufacturing. Presenters from MedTech-member, Master Control, will illustrate how advanced processes can enhance speed and scalability when managed in a single, robust digital platform.  This program begins on July 7 and runs through August 18.  It’s free – register today!

On August 12 and 13, MedTech-member, CNYBAC, is hosting its 2020 Manufacturing Workshop. This two-day event will cover quality systems regulations, quality management/ISO 9001, design for manufacturability and rapid prototyping/3D printing. This program is also free.  Don’t miss out on these two terrific programs to help you move your manufacturing processes forward!

We rely on our members to make our work possible.  We hope you’ll take a moment to join or renew your membership today.  Renewing members can lock in last year’s rate through 2021.  New members who join today will receive 2 free months on their membership year.  Don’t wait – we need your support to continue the work we do.

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