Today's Topline - 4/27/20

Monday, April 27, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Good Monday morning:

As Americans head into the last work week of April, some states have begun to loosen lockdown restrictions despite concerns that such action may cause an increase in Coronavirus infections.  Over the weekend, several governors defended their decisions to ease restrictions, arguing that their states’ closures have successfully achieved their goal of building hospital capacity, acquiring personal protective equipment and flattening the curve of the pandemic’s growth. At the same time, Dr. Deborah Birx warned that “social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect one another as we move through these phases.”  It seems unlikely that this tension will be resolved any time soon.

In the war on COVID-19, the bio/med industry in leading the way in developing new vaccines and treatments, and experts are expressing cautious optimism that successful treatment regimens will soon be available.

  • Clinical Trials.  As of April 8, 2020, there are 310 clinical trials testing COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. Sponsors are trying a variety of approaches, including 303 clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments and 7 clinical trials testing a vaccine.
  • Treatments. There are currently 139 unique treatments being tested for COVID-19 and related complications. Of the 310 active clinical trials, a little more than half are targeting the virus directly, while the rest of the trials focus on related effects of COVID-19 such as pneumonia. More than 200 trials are testing medicines previously approved for another indication, such as hydroxychloroquine and antiviral combinations and over 50 trials are testing novel compounds.
  • Vaccines. There are currently 7 clinical trials underway to test six vaccine candidates. Five phase I clinical trials are collectively seeking to enroll nearly 800 patients, and one of the vaccines previously tested for TB has another 5,700 patients participating in phase 3 clinical trials. There are also an additional 48 preclinical trials ongoing for vaccine candidates, with many looking to move on to phase I human clinical trials in the spring and summer of this year.

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