Today's Topline - 4/16/20

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Good Thursday morning.

In her article, An Army of Virus Tracers Takes Shape in Massachusetts, reporter Ellen Barry details efforts of the Bay State to recruit a team of citizens to track down those exposed to the Coronavirus, as soon as possible, and warn them.  This approach, albeit decidedly low-tech, demonstrates the power of collective action in the face of this unprecedented health crisis.  We at MedTech know the strength to be found in collaboration because we witness our members practice it every day.  Hats off to those working together to find a treatment and cure.

In other exciting news, MedTech member OrthoClinical Diagnostics has announced that its total antibody test for COVID-19 has received emergency use authorization from the FDA.  This test is one of the first high-throughput, automated antibody tests to be granted such authorization. Ortho’s COVID-19 total antibody test can help determine who can responsibly be permitted to go back to work by aiding in the identification of currently infected or previously exposed individuals who may have developed immunity. A limited quantity of tests kits has already been shipped to areas of highest priority. Ortho will be in full production in the coming weeks and plans to manufacture several million antibody tests over the next month, with rapid production expansion following thereafter. Kudos to the Ortho team for its herculean efforts.

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