Singapore Launches Diagnostics Development Hub

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Source: Genome Web

The Singapore Agency for Science and Technology Research today announced it has launched a new Diagnostics Development Hub to help develop and commercialize diagnostic tests.

Led by the agency's technology transfer division, ETPL, the DxD Hub will bring together researchers, clinicians, and businesses to share expertise and accelerate the process of validating, testing, marketing and commercializing medical diagnostic products. As part of the launch, the DxD Hub announced partnerships with organizations in both the public and private sectors, including healthcare and research institutions such as SingHealth, the National University Health System, the Singapore Clinical Research Institute, and Beijing Genomics Institute, as well as businesses such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, AITbiotech, and Gencurix, which all make products or offer services for molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine.

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