Population Health Management will Be ‘Gigantic’ Market in 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Source: MDT

Population Health Management and Patient Engagement are some of the most desirable health care markets today, said the 2015 Healthcare Technology Purchasing report from peer60. More than 80 percent of the chief medical informatics officers surveyed for the report said that they are looking to purchase population health management technology in 2015. There is no one vendor dominating this market – the most successful, Cerner, has only 11 percent of the market share.

That means that there is a lot of opportunity for companies to gain new customers and new footholds. Unsurprisingly, the largest hospitals have the most Population Health Management technology and the smallest hospitals have the least.

Epic leads when it comes to mindshare, with slightly more than 30 percent. Advisory Board, Allscripts, and Cerner follow. Cerner and Epic are neck and neck in hospitals with over 1,000 beds.

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