New Tech Tonics Episode: Jerry Harrison & Brian Smith – Making Beautiful Music Together with Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Monday, February 4, 2019

Source: Venture Valkyrie

An unlikely pair, Brian Smith and Jerry Harrison came together over their shared passion for music and science and helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Together they are helping healthcare startups find their rhythm and chart a path to success through a new expert crowdfunding platform called RedCrow.

Here’s the backstory and it’s a good one:

Brian Smith, a Boston native, had specific plans to be the next Tom Brady when his uncle, a player for the Oakland Raiders, dissuaded him from that life.  Instead, he took a path towards money management, eventually joining Morgan Stanley where it happened that many of his clients were physicians seeking wealth management strategies.  But a tragic personal incident and a chance meeting with a medical device company sent Brian straight toward medicine and entrepreneurship and he hasn’t looked back.

Meanwhile, while growing up in Wisconsin, Jerry Harrison was going to be an architect or a scientist or work with computers.  But life is funny and Jerry took a left turn along the way to become a key member of the bands the Modern Lovers and the Talking Heads.  No really – he was the Talking Heads’ keyboardist and guitarist and wrote many of the best songs that were the soundtrack of our college experience (and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).  But Jerry’s love for science and technology was always present and led him to find ways to marry those with entrepreneurship as the band came to its natural end.

Brian and Jerry met through a mutual friend, Chad Taylor of the band LIVE, who knew of their broader shared interests and the rest is history.  Today they are the founding team of RedCrow, a crowdfunding platform that connects financial and human capital to healthcare start-ups.

On the show, Brian and Jerry talk about the evolution of their present company, how they ended up finding their way to healthcare entrepreneurship, and how they see the future of healthcare startup funding.  They also talk about music and how it intersects with all of these topics, including how producing a company is like producing an album and the songs that they believe most personify startup life.


Listen to the podcast here.

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