New CPS Recruitment Location Opens in New Hartford

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Source: WKTV

The ribbon has been cut at a new business on Commercial Drive in New Hartford that provides a service to connect employees and employers.

CPS Recruitment, which offers direct hire and payroll services, has served the greater Utica area for years from its location in Liverpool. To provide a higher level of service, they opened their third location in New Hartford.

A representative for the company gave us a glimpse at the job market in the local area.

“It's definitely an employee's market now,” said Joy Rinaldi of CPS Recruitment. “There aren't as many employees as there are jobs, or candidates as there are jobs, so that's our biggest challenge right now.”

“I mean, we probably talk to ten to twenty people a day looking for jobs. It doesn't mean they’re all qualified, but we will try to provide them with resources if we can't find them. But I would say hundreds of employers up and down the Thruway are truly looking for good talent.”

The professional staffing agency opened in 1989. They handle temporary staffing, contract and direct hiring for all job levels.

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