Medtronic launches engagement program for diabetes patients

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Source: Drug Delivery Business News

Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) said today that it launched its Inner Circle patient engagement program in the U.S.

The medtech titan’s program, which is designed for people living with diabetes, uses gamification to motivate and encourage its users to practice behaviors that help them control their blood sugar levels.

The Inner Circle program also gives users a place to form a community where they can challenge each other and track their progress.

Medtronic reported that the company was inspired to create the Inner Circle program when it learned that 88% of people using its MiniMed 670G automated insulin delivery system were interested in a program that could help boost their diabetes management.

Users will be invited to enroll in the program once they are on Medtronic’s 670G system or the Guardian Connect smart continuous glucose monitoring system, according to Medtronic.

“Diabetes is unrelenting, and we are committed to innovating in new ways – beyond technology – to provide inspiration, motivation and education to help people with diabetes on their journey to better health,” Louis Dias, chief patient officer for Medtronic’s diabetes business, said in prepared remarks. “As the leader in patient-centric care, we are working to enhance patients’ lives through the Medtronic Inner Circle program, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing new and innovative offerings to people living with diabetes.”

“Our new therapies – such as the MiniMed 670G system – can help increase Time in Range and reduce hypoglycemic events,” Dr. Fran Kaufman, chief medical officer for Medtronic’s diabetes group, added. “This novel and innovative program gives patients tools and challenges them to improve their diabetes management and spend more Time in Range.”

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