MedTech2019 Achievement Award Winners

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Source: MedTech Association

Congratulations to the MedTech2019 Achievement Award Winners

MedTech2019 cover image

Recognizing advancements in the Bio/Med Industry 

Individual Achievement


  • Awarded to an individual who – by work or example - is making an unprecedented difference to New York’s Bio/Med industry.
EJ2A1892 EJ2A1896

Outstanding Contribution to the Bio/Med Industry

  • Awarded as a milestone recognition to an individual whose career has had a lasting impact on New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
EJ2A1899 2 EJ2A1902 1

Get It Done

  • Awarded to an individual who, through collaboration and dedication to mission, measurably advances New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
EJ2A1905 EJ2A1908

Economic Development Superstar

  • Awarded to an individual who has shown an extraordinary ability to create positive change for New York’s Bio/Med Industry
EJ2A1911 EJ2A1913

Industry Beacon

  • Awarded to an industry leader whose impact extends beyond the c-suite to advance the interests of New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
EJ2A1917 EJ2A1919

Organizational Achievement

Distinguished Achievement in Research and Academics

EJ2A1922 EJ2A1923

Bio/Med Catalyst

  • Awarded to an organization whose support for, and commitment to, the life sciences has advanced the interests of New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
    • GKG - Winner
EJ2A1929 EJ2A1932

Industry Pioneer

  • Awarded to an organization that consistently blazes a trail of innovation, integrity and ingenuity in New York’s Bio/Med Industry.

Newcomer of the Year

  • Awarded to a MedTech Member organization that has hit the ground running and has made positive contributions to New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
EJ2A1940 EJ2A1944

Project of the Year

  • Awarded to a single initiative, based on its degree of complexity, demonstrable impact on New York’s Bio/Med Industry and vision for the future.
EJ2A1950 EJ2A1951

Ecosystem Partner of the Year

  • Awarded to the collaborating organization that has distinguished itself through its commitment to the growth of New York’s Bio/Med Industry.
EJ2A1958 EJ2A1960

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