Litron Laboratories Pioneers Technology That Detects DNA Damage in Humans

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Litron Laboratories announced today the launch of a newMicroFlow® kit that allows researchers to detect DNA damage in human blood.
Using these MicroFlow kits, researchers can assess the safety of drugs, chemicals and medical devices through a simple blood test. The measurements are critical because a higher level of DNA damage is thought to increase the likelihood of cancer.   

Before the development of MicroFlow kits, testing human blood for this type of damage was impractical. Now, using Litron’s technology, the DNA-damaging effects of a new product can easily be determined. Companies and regulatory agencies will no longer be forced to speculate what may happen in humans based on information from other tests. 
“Combined with Litron’s other kits, researchers now have the unique ability to track this particular indicator through the entire development process, from preclinical safety testing to human clinical studies,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bemis, director of clinical studies at Litron. “Our method for micronucleus testing is a powerful tool for scientists, whether it's used for drug safety or for other human monitoring applications.” 
In addition to assessing the DNA damage potential of new drugs during clinical trials, MicroFlow kits provide great value when monitoring a drug or device after it has already been released on the market. Epidemiology studies, which look at factors that affect populations, can also obtain critical DNA damage information from MicroFlow kits.
“Our mantra is ‘Protect Human Health,’” said Carol Tometsko, Litron’s CEO. “With these kits, our scientists have taken a big step in that direction and have made a significant contribution to society.” 
Human MicroFlow kits are for Research Use Only, not intended for diagnostic purposes, and are available for purchase from Litron Laboratories at
For more information about Litron Laboratories or Human MicroFlow kts, contact Litron Laboratories’ director of business development, Drew Tometsko, (585) 442-0930.
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Litron Laboratories has been focused on genetic toxicology testing methods for more than 35 years and is the world leader in micronucleus testing. As the developer of the MicroFlow® method, Litron helps support critical research for scientists in a wide range of industries. From the ultra-competitive pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, to the demanding chemical, medical and dental device markets, Litron helps clients assure the safety of their most promising ideas. Learn more at
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