India Jumps into the Generic Drug Biz to Compete with Commercial Players

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Source: Fierce Pharma

India's government is getting into the generic drug business. The state reportedly will launch its own brand, "Jan Aushadhi," on July 1, planning to sell up to 504 drugs on its "essential" list in direct competition with commercial drugmakers. The government drugs will be available only in Jan Aushadhi-branded hospital pharmacies, and hospitals may be required to use them.

As of now, the venture's price list covers 259 drugs, mostly painkillers, antibiotics and vitamins for chronic ailments such as heart disease, respiratory problems and diabetes. The meds are available in at least 22 hospital pharmacies so far. India's Department of Pharmaceuticals is separating itself from the actual business by contracting with nongovernment and charitable organizations to run the stores.

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