FDA Gives Fast Track Status to Vaccinex Drug

Monday, August 8, 2016

Source: Rochester Business Journal

The Food and Drug Administration has given Vaccinex Inc.’s VX15 Huntington’s disease drug fast track status.

Huntington’s disease is a relatively rare affliction, affecting an estimated one in 10,000 individuals. Still, for sufferers and their families it amounts to a drawn out and increasingly unpleasant death sentence. 

“Currently, there are few therapeutic options available for this patient population, and these are limited to palliative measures. The FDA Fast Track program holds the promise of giving patients more rapid access to potentially effective treatments,” Vaccinex CEO Maurice Zauderer said. 

An inherited condition that famously felled the folk singer and activist Woody Guthrie, Huntington’s disease results in progressive degeneration physical and mental abilities, eventually leaving victims unable to move or speak. Children of sufferers have a 50 percent chance of themselves contracting Huntington’s disease. 

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