Executive Order

Monday, March 23, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the "New York State on PAUSE" executive order, a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone. That order (202.8) closes all non-essential businesses in the state.

Businesses or entities providing essential services or functions are not subject to the workforce reduction provisions of the executive order.  Essential businesses are, however, subject to other provisions in the order, including the mandate to practice social distancing behavior.

For the purposes of this order, “essential” relates to certain categories of businesses and certain activities.

  • Essential businesses include those engaged in manufacturing related to:
    • chemicals;
    • medical equipment/instruments;
    • pharmaceuticals;
    • safety and sanitary products;
    • microelectronics/semi-conductor; and
    • activities essential to the supply chain.
  • Essential activities include the provision of:
    • research and laboratory services;
    • hospital services;
    • medical wholesale and distribution; and
    • medical supplies and equipment

Empire State Development has issued guidance on essential businesses, created a business resource page, and has set up a web portal to field business-related COVID-19 issues and questions. 
As always, you may contact us with specific questions and concerns.  Further updates can be found at our website and on the Daily COVID-19Update issued each morning.

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