CEO Gregg Gellman at MedTech 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019

Source: Thinking Robot Studios

On October 22nd MedTech celebrated innovators and change agents propelling New York’s Bio/Med Industry. MedTech announced the list of winners at the 2019 Achievement Awards during their Annual Conference in Rochester New York. MedTech nominated a list of Bio/Med All-Stars and they were all winners.

Thinking Robot Studios Chief Executive Officer Gregg M Gellman won the Groundbreaker Award: Awarded to an individual who – by work or example - is making an unprecedented difference to New York’s Bio/Med industry.

“I want to thank Med Tech for this tremendous honor, my fellow nominees and my colleagues at Thinking Robots. Absent of their entrepreneurial spirit and tireless drive to succeed we would not have the ability to press forward and bring innovative technologies to market that impact our industry and region,” Mr. Gellman said.

Congratulations to our Chief Executive Officer, Gregg M Gellman for his outstanding achievement!


with Winthrop Thurlow, Executive Director MedTech Association.



with Sarah Oliker, Assistant General Counsel, CONMED Corporation.


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