Building a bridge between science and medicine at Regeneron

Monday, August 29, 2022


How did you hear about Regeneron? 

A former colleague who was already an employee at Regeneron mentioned it was a great place to work and there happened to be a lot of growth opportunities in Oncology. When I finally joined, I was encouraged to see how much scientific curiosity drives clinical trials here. The work I’m able to do in Oncology is a direct outcome of this. I work in oncology at Regeneron because of the impact I know we can make on patients’ lives which is the most rewarding part to me.

Can you tell me about your career path at Regeneron? 

I started out as a clinical trial manager and am now director, program operations leader, of the clinical trial management team. Regeneron invests in its employees and I’ve been grateful for the support I’ve been given as I’ve grown into different roles at the company. At Regeneron I’ve worked on new compounds, new therapeutic areas and new indications to find the best treatment for patients. I’ve also have had the rewarding experience of mentoring and developing talent on my own team.  

How would you describe the culture of Regeneron? 

I would describe the culture of Regeneron as being both authentic and entrepreneurial. You can be your authentic self here; no matter what level you’re at, your opinions are welcomed and encouraged here. We also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone who feels passionate about contributing to a project or to solving a problem can get involved. There’s an innovative spirit to the way we work here, so being entrepreneurial and rolling up your sleeves with your team is part of the culture. When you’re trying to improve the health of patients living with serious diseases, being entrepreneurial is imperative.

At Regeneron, collaboration is key to solving unsolvable problems. Can you think of a time when you and your team had to solve a particularly daunting problem?

One of the biggest unsolvable problems I’ve worked on here was leading clinical operations for the company’s first anti PD1 clinical trial. The immunotherapy space in oncology was getting really exciting, with a lot of potential new treatments on the horizon, and we wanted to make sure our trial went smoothly, so we had to be thoughtful. 

We had to get our therapeutic in the clinic so we could see how well it worked. We had to go out and recruit investigators and travel to trial sites. The clinical trial team came together and created a list of possible investigators and sites we thought good fits to implement our trial and we made it happen. 

How would you describe the way you and your team work together?

We have relentless curiosity at Regeneron. When working on clinical trials, we always ask “What are we missing? What could we do better?” We’ve created an open, safe space for people to brainstorm and share ideas. 

How do you and your team turn promise into reality for patients?

My team and I work to turn the promise of potential treatments into reality for patients every day. Managing clinical trials requires attention to detail and open lines of communication. We train doctors on our trials – how to dose patients, monitor their progress, ensure the data we need is collected and that patient safety is front and center. I’ve been able to build a phenomenal team of like-minded people – we’re all working towards the same goal and share the same values. 

What would you tell someone who is exploring career opportunities at Regeneron? 

If you’re looking for an environment where all ideas are accepted, where your skills will be developed, where you will learn something new; and if you’re looking to build a strong bond with colleagues then Regeneron is the place for you.

To learn more about Clinical Development Operations careers at Regeneron, please visit us here.

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