Buffalo startup wants to solve a $2 billion medical problem (and maybe a lot more)

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Source: Buffalo News

Wayne Bacon, a Buffalo industrialist turned entrepreneur, launched a medical device venture almost eight years ago, hoping to create an adhesive bandage with infection-fighting ingredients.

University at Buffalo medical school researchers had a different idea: Why not focus on an experimental concept to use electrical stimulation to help joint-replacement patients fight off infections?

Now Garwood Medical, Bacon's refocused company, has a chance to become the next hot Buffalo startup. The company has raised more than $14 million, hired a small staff and helped patent a new technology, called BioPrax, that is so promising the FDA granted it breakthrough device status two years ago to speed up the federal approval process.

As Buffalo Niagara reinvents itself, Garwood Medical offers the kind of economic kindling regional development experts crave. The effort started with research at the University at Buffalo and Syracuse University. University and company scientists have collaborated since. And a novel idea continues to attract money and expertise in the push toward commercialization.

From Silicon Valley to Boston to Austin, that is a proven startup path.

The company's potential is big.

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