BioVenture Luncheon Promotes Future of Non-Invasive Medical Devices

Monday, March 29, 2010

ROCHESTER, NY—More than 30 entrepreneurs from leading regional biomedical companies attended the BioVenture Roundtable Luncheon on March 10, which focused on advances in the field of non-invasive medical devices. The third in a series of 2010 BioVenture Roundtable Luncheons, the event was held at the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center in West Henrietta and was free and open to the public. 

The luncheon featured presentations from Robert Helfrich, director of business development at Welch Allyn, Inc. and Ed Hull, a principal scientist from VeraLight Inc. Each speaker focused on advances their company has made in the area of non-invasive medical devices. 

According to Mike Riedlinger, manager of the Rochester BioVenture Center, non-invasive diagnostic procedures are beneficial because they can be performed at a lower cost and with less discomfort to the patient. “This enables wider screenings of patient populations that may be at a risk, and improves the probability of successful treatment through early detection,” says Riedlinger. 

Riedlinger also says that in the future, non-invasive devices will become a larger part of daily lives. “Soon we hope to see these devices used in more remote locations and eventually directly in the hands of the patients.”

The next event in the BioVenture Lucheon Series will be held Wed., April 14, 2010 at the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center, West Henrietta, and will feature presentations on enzymes and antibodies. For further information, visit the upcoming events at 

For more information about the BioVenture Luncheon Series, contact Jill Zimmerman, (315) 410-7180. 

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