ARPA-H Georgia Coalition (AGC) - Support Request

Monday, March 27, 2023

Source: The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) is a new federal funding agency that supports transformative research to drive biomedical and health breakthroughs – ranging from molecular to societal – to provide transformative health solutions for all.

The ARPA-H Georgia Coalition (AGC) is a nonprofit corporation founded in May 2022 as a coalition of business, academic, and nonprofit leaders and institutions to bring the headquarters of ARPA-H to the region.

ARPA-H has issued an opportunity for interested organizations to become the management firm for the proposed ARPA-H Customer Experience Consortium (“ACE Consortium” or “Consortium”), which ARPA-H has stated will help it achieve its goal of accelerating better health outcomes for all Americans by supporting the development of high-impact solutions.

ARPA-H believes the ACE Consortium will play a critical role to ensure that ARPA-H properly assesses the strengths and weaknesses of their solutions and make any necessary improvements during project performance. It will apply human-centered design and evaluation standards to products and services that people need and want to use; drive user testing, adoption, access, and trust of ARPA-H products; facilitate rapid prototyping, proactively enhance clinical trials; reach representative patient populations and record outcomes data.

The AGC is applying to become the management firm for the Consortium. The AGC wishes to identify potential consortium members. These organizations will be named in a concept paper application to be submitted to ARPA-H in early April.

The AGC is specifically seeking organizations with national associations representing health care, health, researchers, academia, small businesses, and underserved communities, as well as individual organizations (including for-profit companies, academia, health care, and non-profits) with expertise in any of the following:

  • Human-Centered Design Support
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Health Outcomes Measurement Capabilities
  • Novel Clinical Trial Capabilities
  • Testing and Evaluation Support
  • Diverse and Underserved Communities and Patient Populations Engagement
  • Health Care Ecosystem Engagement
  • Project Management

AGC believes affiliated organizations will have the opportunity to compete for ARPA-H contracts to provide services related to the topic areas above, support other activities such as health care ecosystem listening sessions, and support innovative tools, platforms, and technologies emerging from ARPA-H’s work. Affiliated organizations members may be included in more than one application.

If you are willing to support ACG’s application to become an ARPA-H Customer Experience Consortium and be part of the Consortium, please upload the following information by March 29, 2023.

Current members of the AGC and other background information, along with more information regarding ARPA-H, may be found on the Center for Global Health Innovations website.

Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Edie Stringfellow at for further information.

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