A Snapshot Of The Market Opportunity In India and China

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Source: MD&DI

Anecdotally, everyone is aware that India and China represent huge opportunities for the medtech industry.

Arecent report provides a deeper dive specifically into the surgical market opportunity in those countries.

The Indian surgical devices market is worth at $2.75 billion and has an annual growth rate of 15%. The world's second-most populous nation imports roughly 75% of its high-value surgical devices, according to a report by Cambridge Consultants, a product development and technology consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

By comparison, China’s market is more than than three times larger at $8 billion and is also growing at 15% annually. The country imports more than 90% of devices imported from the US, Japan and Germany.

Here is a nifty infographic showing how healthcare dollars are invested in healthcare in India, China and the US.

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