7 women in medtech you should know

Friday, March 8, 2019

Source: MassDevice

Women hold more executive leadership roles in the medtech industry today than they did 20 years ago, but there’s still a long way to go.

There is still a women’s leadership gap in the U.S., though. According to a report from the Centers for American Progress, women hold 52% of professional jobs in the U.S. Only 14.6% are CEOs. A mere 8.1% are top earners, and a scant 4.6% are Fortune 500 CEOs. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also reports that only a fifth of executives, senior officers and managers in the U.S. high-tech industries are women.

Keeping with the theme of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, here are seven women medtech executives making a difference in the industry.


Terri Bresenham

Chief Innovation Officer, GE Healthcare


Terri Bresenham has served as GE Healthcare’s chief innovation officer since May 2018.

She has spent the last 29 years with GE Healthcare, holding a number of leadership roles including president and CEO of sustainable healthcare solutions, president and CEO of South Asia, a number of global VP positions for various divisions in the company and global product manager. She also held a number of engineering positions in her first few years at the company.

Bresenham received her bachelor’s degree in medical technology and chemistry from the University of Tennessee and her master’s in biomedical engineering from the University of Texas.


Pat Fuher

VP of research and development, product development AF solutions, Medtronic


Pat Fuher has been with Medtronic for nearly 30 years. She has been the VP of research and development of atrial fibrillation solutions since May 2012.

Fuher has also served as the senior director of reliability and VP of quality at Medtronic and has held a number of product development, engineering and management roles at the company since May 1990.


Tina Barrett

Product stewardship and regulatory affairs, Eastman Chemical Co.


Tina Barrett has held the role of product stewardship and regulatory affairs at Eastman Chemical since October 2018.

Prior to joining Eastman, Barrett was a senior clinical trial manager at TissueTech for two years. She was also a clinical study manager and a principal clinical research associate working with phase II and III biologics for wound care and phase IV medical devices for wound care at Smith & Nephew. Barrett has also been clinical research associate at Reata Pharmaceuticals and Kendle International.

Barrett received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Centre College and her master’s degree in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Chandra Devam

Founder and CEO, Aris MD


Chandra Devam is the CEO and founder of Aris MD, a company that is using augmented reality and virtual reality to train doctors and surgeons.

Devam was also the co-founder for 3 Point Development in 2011 before founding Aris MD.

She has worked in communications and marketing for Telus and Microsoft Xbox and has volunteered to teach computing and robotics in the Edmonton Public Schools in Canada. Devam has also sat on the advisory board for SXSW and was a board member at Inventure$.


Angela McClure

Chief experience officer, Fresenius Medical


Angela McClure has been the chief experience officer at Fresenius Medical Care since October 2017.

Prior to being appointed chief experience officer, McClure was the senior VP of human resources at Fresenius Medical Care for four years. She has held a number of leadership roles throughout her career including VP of human resources at Physiotherapy Associates.

McClure received her bachelor’s degree in management, human resources and organization behavior.


Reggie Groves

CEO, Reva Medical

Reva Medical CEO Reggie Groves

Reggie Groves has been the CEO of Reva Medical since September 2015.

Prior to joining Reva Medical, Groves was the VP and general manager of Medtronic for seven years. She was also VP of quality and regulatory and VP and general manager of patient management for a combined six years. She has held a number of leadership roles in companies like Scient, Kaiser Permanente, and McKinsey and Co.

Groves received her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Florida and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

She was recently the keynote speaker at MassDevice’s DeviceTalks West, held December 2018 in Orange County, Calif., where she spoke about how she guided Medtronic through the Fidelis lead recall and always took a “patients first” approach.


Allison Byers

Co-president, Digital Cognition Technologies


Allison Byers has been the co-president of digital health company Digital Cognition Technologies since June 2018.

Before becoming a co-president, Byers was senior VP of corporate strategy and VP of operations and product management for a little over three years. She has also been the director of online media and search at Compete and a senior consultant at the Brookeside Group.

Byers received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from Syracuse University and her MBA from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.

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