3 Biotech Executives on the Year Ahead: Deals, Drug Pricing and the Down Market

Thursday, January 19, 2023


The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is arguably the most important annual event for many in the drugmaking industry, offering companies both large and small a venue to talk strategy, stoke investor interest and lay the groundwork for future deals.

Yet, the overall tone of this year’s conference, which wrapped up last week and was the first to be in-person since the start of the pandemic, was “muted,” according to a small group of biotechnology executives who were in attendance.

Compared to some recent years in which the conference kicked off with multibillion-dollar acquisitions, this latest installment had “no announcements of any consequence,” said Jeremy Levin, CEO of New York-based Ovid Therapeutics. “It was all small ball. There were no home runs,” he said Wednesday, during a panel discussion hosted by BioPharma Dive that focused on the outlook for biotech in 2023.


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