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Membership in MedTech is divided into the following categories:

Cornerstone Members are companies and organizations that join at a higher dues level and receive special recognition for their leadership and financial commitment to the New York State Bio/Med community.

Company Members include any companies/organizations involved in the development and commercialization of drugs, devices, diagnostics and technologies. Also included are industry suppliers, professional service firms, and strategic partners that support and assist bio/med companies.

Degree Granting Research Institution or University are colleges, universities, and research institutions involved in education or the advancement of drugs and/or devices. Must offer degrees.

Non-Degree Granting Research Institutions are research institutions and clinical organizations involved in education or the advancement of drugs and/or devices, but do not offer degrees.

Student Memberships are are open to any student studying at an institution that is not currently a MedTech member.

Individual Memberships are open to any individual with an interest in the bio/med industry but who has no current affiliation and/or employment with a specific company/organization.