Attracting and retaining high quality incubator tenants is a challenge. MedTech Incubator+plus enhances your service offerings and helps your facility stand out from the competition by providing your tenants with an added benefit:  MedTech membership at no cost to them.  With MedTech Incubator+plus, your incubator tenants gain access to our valuable network of businesses, research institutions and service providers, all united in the goal of developing the relationships, tools and programs that enable New York State companies to bring tomorrow’s medical solutions to the healthcare marketplace.

For an annual fee of $1,000, MedTech Incubator+plus gives you up to 10 MedTech memberships for your incubator/accelerator/StartUpNY tenants and their employees.  Your tenants also gain access to MedTech Metro, an exclusive, invitation-only forum and networking series in New York City that showcases New York’s bioscience and medical technology before an audience of investors, business leaders, health care providers and other service professionals. 

In addition to the benefits for your tenants, MedTech Incubator+plus gives your facility an expanded platform to deliver its message.  Your programs and events will be featured on MedTech’s website and included in our member communications.

In all, MedTech Incubator+plus is a win for you and a win for your tenants.