MedTech Meet Up - Spotlight on Syracuse

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Presented By: MedTech Association
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: OneGroup, 706 N Clinton Street, Syracuse


On Wednesday, November 20, MedTech Association brought New York's bio/med ecosphere to Syracuse. The MedTech Meet Up was held at OneGroup's wicked-cool workspace in Franklin Square. OneGroup CEO, Pierre Morrisseau discussed the history of the building and OneGroup's vision for breaking down the walls - "literally" - in order to create an open-floor layout to promote cohesion and teamwork within its workforce. Morrisseau had nothing but great things to say about Syracuse and Upstate New York stating, "It's a great place to innovate. It's a great place to do business and grow."

Sam Edelstein, Chief Data Officer for the City of Syracuse informed us about the "New Syracuse" on the horizon. Edelstein explained the "Syracuse Surge" initiative to create an innovation hub and a new economy with a bright outlook to transform Syracuse to a "Smart City." Very exciting things!

We then moved into our main theme for the "Spotlight on Syracuse" of learning from our members about advancements and innovations in care for the aging population. Each talk was extremely engaging, genuine, and heartfelt. It was apparent that each speaker, and their respective companies, are fully dedicated to moving the needle forward in combating age-related diseases. 

Our speakers included:

  • Sharon Brangman, MD, Chair of the Department of Geriatrics, Upstate Medical University, and Director, Nappi Longevity Institute
  • Pierre Morrisseau, CEO, OneGroup
  • Aaron Wolfe, CSO, Ichor Therapeutics, and Director, Grapeseed.Bio
  • Sam Edelstein, Chief Data Officer, City of Syracuse
  • Lisa Sonneborn, Founder, Clarity Clinical Research, LLC

Following the presentations, OneGroup graciously provided quite the spread! A beautiful reception with great food and drink was enjoyed by all - thank you OneGroup!

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