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Understanding the Testing Challenge - May 28, 2020

Palani Chockalingam speaker 1024x512 v5

  • Palani Palaniappan, Chief Innovation Officer at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, joins us to discuss the role of testing in the fight against the coronavirus and the development of a COVID-19 antibody test.
    • View the recording here.

Risk Mitigation Strategies for COVID-19 - June 4, 2020

Tony Larry speaker 1024x514

  • We’re joined by Larry Gilroy, CEO of Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy and Tony Piazza, Partner at Barclay Damon, both MedTech Membership Advantage partners, to talk about steps you can and should be taking to adjust your business’s risk mitigation strategies.
    • View the recording here.

Moving from New York Pause to New York Forward - June 11, 2020

Matt Watson speaker 1024x512

  • Our guest is Matt Watson, Senior Vice President of Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation, as we discuss New York’s efforts to support the bio/med and innovation ecospheres.
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Bringing Our Hospitals Back - June 18, 2020

Robert Corona speaker 1024x512

  • We talk with Robert Corona, CEO of Upstate University Hospital, about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on hospital operations and what it means to resume normal operations.
    • View the recording here.

Reigniting the Academic Research Enterprise - June 25, 2020

Venu Govindaraju speaker 1024x512 v2

  • We talk with Venu Govindaraju, Vice President for Research and Economic Development at the University at Buffalo, about how research institutions are reopening their laboratories.
    • View the recording here.

Liability & Immunity in the Age of Coronavirus - July 2, 2020

Linda Clark speaker 1024x512 v2

  • Our guest is Linda Clark of the Barclay Damon law firm, a MedTech Membership Advantage partner, as we discuss the legal risks faced by employers and healthcare providers for COVID-19 related claims.
    • View the recording here.

Retooling Manufacturing for the Next Challenge - July 9, 2020

Randy Wolken speaker 1024x512 2pm

  • We talk with Randy Walken, CEO of MACNY – The Manufacturers Association, about how companies across Upstate New York are preparing for future challenges, both expected and unexpected.
    • View the recording here.

The Impact of Pandemic on Testing and Treatment of Infectious Diseases - 
July 16, 2020

Stephen Thomas speaker 1024x512

  • Dr. Stephen Thomas, Division Chief of Infectious Diseases at SUNY Upstate Medical University discusses the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on how we diagnose and treat contagious diseases.
    • View the recording here.

Building a Safe Manufacturing Environment - July 23, 2020

Jim Clemmer speaker 1024x512

  • Jim Clemmer, President of AngioDynamics, talks about his company’s efforts to create a functional manufacturing operation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.
    • View the recording here.

Advancing Student Led Innovation - July 30, 2020

Linda Dickeson Hartsock speaker 1024x512

  • We’re joined by Linda Dickerson Hartsock, the Executive Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, to talk about integrating students into the innovation ecosphere.
    • View the recording here.

Pandemic in the Land of Plenty - August 6, 2020

Les Roberts speaker 1024x512

  • Columbia University epidemiologist, Les Roberts, joins us to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic in the United States is like, and unlike, pandemics elsewhere in the world.

    • View the recording here.

An Investor's Perspective on the Bio/Med Industry - August 13, 2020

Eric Allyn speaker 1024x512 v2

  • We talk with Eric Allyn of Armory Square Ventures about venture capital in the age of coronavirus.

    • View the recording here.

Integrating the User Experience in Product Development - August 20, 2020

Ben Zombek speaker 1024x512

  • We’re joined by Ben Zombek, Principal of BZDesign, to discuss the role of user experience in device product development.

    • View the recording here.