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Product Manager - Product Development Manager

Posted on: Friday, January 29, 2021
Organization: Rubitection
Location: Rochester, NY or Remote

Job Description:

  • Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project
  • Delegate project tasks based on junior staff members' individual strengths, skill sets and experience levels
  • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short-and long-term goals
  • Meet budgetary objectives and adjust project constraints based on financial analysis
  • Develop comprehensive project plans and notes to be shared with clients as well as other staff members
  • Meet with engineering team to support prototype development progression/advancement
  • Identifies suppliers, contractors, raw materials necessary to build or create the product being developed
  • Prepares reports on the various procedures that have been tried in order to eliminate methods that are unsuccessful
  • Oversees product development amongst a team of individuals
  • Presents new ideas to corporate executives in order to gain permission to develop product lines
  • Prepares a cost analysis and budgets on the development of a new product
  • Supports the development of marketing campaigns designed to inform people about new product availability
  • Researches patents, copyrights and trademarks in order to make sure there are no infringement issues involved
  • Ensures that every phase of a particular project proceeds as scheduled
  • Makes adjustments to a development plan whenever the current idea is not working well
  • Conducts and oversees customer discovery and market research to support technology

Required Skills:

  • Experience in project management
  • Experience as a product manager for health tech
  • Self motivated and driven
  • Problem solving skills
  • Organized 
  • Experience managing teams
  • Experience conducting customer discovery
  • Composing detailed notes and reports
  • Project Management software
  • Budget management
  • Independent workers and
  • Advanced time management and analytical skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent client-facing communication skills
  • Ability to communicate with a technical team and business team members
  • Preference for individual with engineering or technical background

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