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Posted on: Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Organization: Triton Bio
Location: Syracuse, NY

Triton Biodevices is a start-up company developing fundamentally new ways to isolate and analyze microorganisms. We are building a dynamic and highly interdisciplinary team to develop and commercialize novel technologies in microfluidics, microelectronics, microbiology, and optics. Positions at Triton Biodevices offer opportunities for significant professional development as the company quickly grows. Triton Bio is located at the Central New York Biotechnology Accelerator at the Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York.
Position: Microbiologist

Anticipated start date: 4/1/2021. Internships, part-time, and full-time positions are available.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Under limited supervision, the Microbiologist will be supporting the development of cell separation and analysis technology. General responsibilities include preparing test solutions and analyzing bacteria, fungi, and microparasites, using conventional and proprietary phenotypic assays.

The Microbiologist will:

  • Perform experiments with prototype equipment for microbial isolation and analysis.
  • Prepare growth media, microbial cultures, and test solutions for experiments.
  • Coordinate with colleagues to perform experiments on prototype cell separation systems.
  • Review scientific literature and report learnings to colleagues.
  • Writing reports and making presentations to communicate experimental findings to colleagues.
  • Interface between external vendors, collaborators, and core team.
  • Expected to assist in the writing of reports, work instructions, test methods and procedures.
  • Support study design to ensure the safe and sound scientific work.
  • Maintain detailed daily records of activities in lab notebooks.

Some additional responsibilities include tracking inventory, helping with shipping and handling of inventory, cost calculations, and designing feasibility studies. The Microbiologist will be asked to present their work to team members in the company, collaborators or external vendors, create presentations or publish scientific literature. When it comes to day to day tasks, the Microbiologist will have additional duties pertaining to the maintenance of laboratory equipment, tracking inventory, and maintaining a safe and clean working environment. Since Triton Bio is an early-stage company, the Microbiologist may have to complete diverse tasks on a day-to-day basis.  



Minimum Requirements:

  • Complete introductory level coursework in general biology and laboratory courses
  • Basic computer skills, such as office suites, spreadsheet, presentation, and communication software.
  • Experience with statistical analysis and design of experiments.

Preferred Technical & Functional Skills:

  • BS or higher in microbiology, biology, or related field.
  • Previous experience working in a biology or chemistry lab setting is preferred.
  • Experience with cell separation technologies and microfluidics is strongly preferred.
  • Training in sterile techniques and standard cleaning procedures for working with biohazards.

To apply, send resumes to:

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