Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI)

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MMRI is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all humankind. The Institute’s primary mission is to conduct high quality basic biomedical and clinical research aimed at generating knowledge and information necessary for understanding molecular mechanisms of disease and development of medical cures and treatments of tomorrow. 

Types of internships available at MMRI: Unpaid student internships.  

Summer Fellowship Program: Training period runs from 5/22/23 to 7/28/23.  A $5,000 stipend for expenses is provided.  Contact for summer fellowship program:

Young Scholars Program through Utica University: If available, the training period is 5 weeks during June/July.

Independent Study Internships: If available, we offer independent study internships with students from different educational institutions in the area.  Currently, we are at full capacity.

Other Student Internships: We have other student internships offered throughout the year.  Currently, we are at full capacity.

Universities interested in partnering with MMRI, and/or students interested in internship opportunities, please contact:
Carrie DiMaria, HR Manager
Phone: 315-624-7494
Fax: 315-735-5648

Additional information on the 2023 Summer Fellowship Program Available Here