2019 Legislative Agenda

MedTech seeks to promote a healthy climate for New York’s life sciences industry.  To that end, MedTech will support governmental initiatives which foster the growth of the life sciences and oppose governmental policies which impose harmful mandates or which restrict access to innovative products.

Workforce Development:

Workforce development is critical to the growth of the life sciences in New York State.  MedTech will work with New York governmental entities and higher education and vocational institutions to improve the State’s life science work force.  MedTech will seek to better leverage the State’s many localized to improve the life science work force throughout the State.  MedTech will also work to better connect New York’s highly regarded academic institutions with New York based life science companies.  MedTech will work with all partners to develop a holistic view of the State’s life sciences work assets and needs.  MedTech will encourage the State to play a greater role in work force development and to act as a catalyst for the development of relationships between academic centers and the private sector.

New York’s Life Sciences Initiative:

New York State has launched an ambitious Life Sciences Initiative which includes tax credits and capital funding of $620 million.  The Initiative holds great promise for the development of New York’s life sciences.  MedTech will continue its advocacy efforts with the State to implement the initiative.  MedTech will also identify opportunities for its members to grow through the State’s Life Science Initiative.

Pharmaceutical Business Practice Issues:

Pharmaceuticals play a vital role in New York’s health care system and pharmaceutical companies contribute significantly to the State’s economy.  MedTech will support initiatives to provide patients with access to pharmaceuticals.  Additionally, MedTech will oppose legislation which imposes harmful mandates on pharmaceutical companies.                                                                              

Medical Device Business Practices:

The medical device sector has experienced rapid growth as innovation has led to better devices and outcomes.  The medical device industry is highly competitive and spans from startups to multi-national corporations.  The industry has benefited from uniform federal regulation and oversight.  Increasingly, states are seeking to impose unique state obligations on medical device companies.  MedTech will oppose New York State mandated obligations and requirements for medical device manufacturers.