REGULATORY & POLICY TRACK: Feeling the(ir) Pain - Understanding Patient Needs as a Crucial Way Forward in Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Governor D

Epidemic opioid overuse has become a topic of central importance in media and in government and this has provoked federal, state, and local government responses to try and stop opioid abuse and overdose. Unfortunately, despite doubts regarding their long term efficacy, opioids remain the only option for restoring function in many patients with chronic pain. Restrictions on the availability of these drugs are often designed and implemented with little insight from patients and healthcare practitioners about how their lives will be affected. Join us for a rousing discussion that examines New York State’s efforts to manage the opioid epidemic with a special focus on patient needs that go unmet and the gaps where new technology could help strike the right balance between therapy and addiction prevention.

Discussion Points:

- What can the health care community do to better hear, understand and “feel” the pain of the patient experience?
- What has been the impact of the recent CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in the United States?
- Are the current costs of opioid pain medications justified? How are prices aligned to the pain management solutions’ value and benefits?


  • Mario R. Nacinovich, Jr. - Moderator
    Managing Partner, AXON Communications
  • Charles Argoff, MD - Panelist
    Professor of Neurology; Director, Comprehensive Pain Center, Albany Medical College, Albany Medical Center
  • Amy Goldstein - Panelist
    Director , State Pain Policy Advocacy Network
  • Scott Kelley, MD - Panelist
    Vice President of Medical Affairs, Flexion Therapeutics