INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY TRACK: Designing for the Human Experience

Governor C

The relationship between human beings and the devices with which they interact is complex, yet critical to the successful design of medical technology. The FDA continues to request a more thorough incorporation of intended users early and often in the design process and healthcare professionals are demanding devices and interfaces that are safer and easier to use. Topics in this panel will include new trends in device design, development and how to successfully integrate Human Factors Engineering and Usability Engineering (HFE/UE.)

Discussion Points:

- What is the ROI when incorporating HFE/UE?

- What methods exist in post-market surveillance of use error?

- How can you proactively account for risk during design?


  • Andy Schaudt - Moderator
    Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Post Launch, Senior Advisor, Usability Services, MedStar Health
  • Scott Ryan - Panelist
    President, Brownlie Design
  • Katie McHugh - Panelist
    Project Manager, Systems Lead Engineer, MPR Associates
  • Dennis Filips - Panelist
    Vice-Chairman and Chief Medical Officer, Innovative Trauma Care