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Scientist, Phenotypic Data Analysis

Posted on: Monday, August 10, 2015
Organization: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Location: Tarrytown, NY

This is a one-of-a-kind job for an innovative thinker. We are seeking a PhD level Scientist to analyze proprietary and public data, implement and develop a data analysis pipeline using statistically sound methodologies. The successful candidate would analyze the data obtained from standard assays including but not limited to: lacZ reporter gene expression mapping, morphological phenotyping, serum chemistry, hematology, microCT/PIXI, tumor phenotyping, immunophenotyping, and next generation sequencing-based Transcriptome analysis.


This position requires a PhD in biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, biophysics, computational biology or systems biology with a strong publication record and 3-7 years postdoctoral experience in an academic or industry setting.

-Solid foundation in biostatistics and bioinformatics, including data transformation, parametric and non parametric testing, detection, quantification and correction of batch effects, principal component analysis, regression analysis, mixed models, and cluster analysis

-Expertise in informatics including ontology use and development, database development and design, entity relationship diagrams, and object relational mappings

-Expertise with bioinformatics tools and software such as R, SAS, SpotFire, Perl, MATLAB and familiarity with database development such as SQL and NoSQL, and with web programming tools and software such as Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, RESTful, json, XML


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