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Programming Analyst, Next Gen Sequencing

Posted on: Thursday, August 20, 2015
Organization: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Location: Tarrytown, NY 10591

This team is responsible for the design, statistical analysis, and interpretation of all genetic studies conducted by the Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC). Analysts will work under the direction of managers and other scientific collaborators to (i) perform quality control checks and data management of large genomic sequencing and phenotypic datasets derived from electronic health records, display and report summary statistics for these data, creating analysis-ready datasets by implementing study designs developed for population and family-based projects, implementing inclusions / exclusions, and carrying out phenotype adjustments and transformations; (ii) carry out statistical genetic analyses to determine genotype-phenotype relationships including regression, logistic regression, rare variant aggregation tests, family-based tests in pedigrees and trios for quantitative biomarkers and disease traits; (iii) work with computational biologists and others to develop and provide programming support for the creation of algorithms and automated pipelines for analysis of NGS and array data (iv) support the creation of queryable databases summarizing results across multiple projects.


The successful candidate will have strong programming and statistical skills, experience in the analysis of large datasets, have strong communication and collaborative skills, and exhibit meticulous attention to details. Ideally, the candidate will have experience in the analysis of genomic data, such as whole exome, whole genome, targeted sequencing data, or array based genotype data; experience with statistical methods for genetic association analysis, familiarity with concepts of study design for epidemiologic and family studies, and knowledge of online tools and databases for genetic analyses and interpretation. Excellent communication skills are required to present and convey results and findings to the statistical genetics team and the broader RGC group. • MS, or BS with 3 years relevant experience in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Genetic Epidemiology, Genetics, Genomics or related field.

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